#SundaySharies Ep. 4 | Selection from WIP Short Story


If you’re not familiar with #SundaySharies, it’s a when-I-feel-like-it Sunday share-out that I host on my Instagram stories. I share whatever I’m working on or interested in and then I also share what inspired me that week. Follow @kris10hums to check it out.

Today I’m sharing a WIP selection from a short story I’m currently working on. See below

You think of your grandmother, sitting in that scratchy orange recliner on a winter afternoon. The arms on it are hard and almost threadbare at the corners. She’s braiding a rug. Her tongue makes that ticking sound as her fingers pull long strips of stiff woolen fabrics taught together. They are pieces of retired coats or blankets, your family’s or strangers (pulled from the church’s rubbish sale). Her hands are strong, but covered in delicate almost translucent skin.  When the braid is complete, she coils it into a circle and sews each ring to the next, until the rug is just the size she was aiming for.

That’s why you lose your memories, you think. They’re braided gray matter. A piece of this moment, a strip of this person’s story, another time where something happened that was almost (but not quite) the same: everything gets woven together. But unlike the rug which stays flat, these coils twist and build over one another, burying the past deeper and deeper, until you don’t remember much of anything: good or bad. 

You’ll realize later that you always draw that coil shape when you doodle. It’s your hand’s ticking sound.