Mulberry Wine

Kirsten and Matt were kind enough to let me shoot (again) in their home in East Mt. Airy when Scarlett was in town this past April.

According to Kirsten (and backed by what history I could find), the Mt. Airy area was once known for the summer homes people built to escape the heat of the city. Where her house stands was originally part of a section called Sedgwick Farms and was developed by Ashton S Tourison, starting in 1905. It's believed that her home is one of the earliest houses built in that section (built around 1909, but not deeded until the 1920s). And as an additional interesting fact: Mt. Airy is recognized by many as one of the first successfully integrated neighborhoods in the US.

When you first walk into their foyer, directly in front of you is this incredible staircase and landing. The later-in-the-day lighting (moody) went perfectly with Scarlett's dramatically draped plum dress. That lighting mixed with the ornate windows, attention to detail (see below), and work-in-progress particulars--makes for one of my favorite locations to date.