Engagement/Family Photoshoot: John, Erin & Penny


Sometimes I think Dasha is an alien. That all dogs, in fact, are aliens. They are these fantastical beings who draw powers of unconditional love and magic from the pyramids (obviously). We don't deserve them, and yet, they're here. They scoot their butts across the rug and run in sudden terror at the sound of their own farts. They're clowns, but beyond that, they are joy makers, with skills to transform lives in unexpected ways.

Dogs bring you out into the world, expanding your circle of canine and people friends. That's how we met Penny and her humans John and Erin. Dasha and Penny have grown up together enjoying romps at the local dark park, sharing alien-dog secrets, chasing after beavers (all true stories). And because of the bond between these two adorable extraterrestrials, their humans grew to be friends too.

So last year I took John and Erin's engagement photos. This year, Pat and I are headed to see them get hitched. We also have the special privilege of watching Penny for a few days over the weekend. It'll be Dasha's first girl-dog sleepover. I'll report back if I catch them zipping off their skins to air out the little green creatures that live inside.

For now, enjoy these photos, a mix of digital and film.