Class of 1938: Starting With the Cheerleaders

I'm trying to figure out how to fit all of the projects I'm interesting in (+ friends & family, exercise, work, relaxation) into my life. Like, how. How does this happen for anyone.

Anyway, I've been delinquent on this 1938 project, but I'd like to get back into it. When I left off on my original and last "1938" blog post I didn't know much, but now I know more!

So: by piecing together where the photos were originally purchased by the guy I bought them off of (estate sale in Essex, Massachusetts), and looking through the photos themselves (noticing clues like the "NHS" on the cheer leaders' sweaters), as well as spotting a hand-written "1938" on one of the photo sleeves, plus a little bit of googling I determined this:

-These photos were taken in and possibly around 1938
-The high school where a lot of these photos were taken was Newton North High in Newton, Massachusetts

In the fall of last year I took a road trip through New England with my Mom. We stopped in Newton and went to the new Newton North High School (a very modern building--the original Newton North High is no longer standing), they pointed us to the Newton Historical Society, who then lead us to the Newton Library--where we found yearbooks. Old Newton North High School yearbooks! And by using the below cheerleader photo as my marker (I think Mr. "N" has a particularly distinct set of facial features) I was able to confirm all of my suspicions and now knew some names! 

The nice thing about living in the future is those Newton North High yearbooks are online. So last weekend I finally spent some time formally putting all the names to the faces in the photo. Unfortunately, I couldn't identify everyone (it seems like underclassmen head shots don't make the yearbook). 

I then tried my hand at some internet sleuthing...

But I didn't have much luck (just a few unanswered messages out to potential leads that are now just floating in the Facebookspace)--so I'm turning to Reddit and anyone else this post reaches for help!

The ultimate goal of this project is to reunite these photos with the subjects or their families (as well as identify the photographer). So if you know any of these names or faces, please comment below or email me at!