A Girl and Her Dog

Chelsea is my oldest friend. We met in preschool, then followed each other from elementary all the way to senior year of high school. We're perhaps an unlikely pair--she's an incredible track and field athlete, a more extreme traveler (she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, for fun, a few years ago), and spends her workdays as an occupational therapist helping children at Dupont hospital, some of who are terminally ill. 

But, we do share at least one commonality--our mutual love of dogs. So I was excited to get Chelsea and her puppy Finn on film a couple of Sundays ago. 

Chelsea, like many of my friends from high school, makes me really proud to call her a friend. Daily she works with a population that should never be stuck in a hospital room. These kids should be in school, going to prom, running around on the playground. Some of them will get better, some of them won't, and in the face of all of this challenge Chelsea cares for them with such strength and grace. As an OT, she's paid to help them feel better, stronger, physically. But she goes beyond that. Her dedication and encouragement help give them hope and joy. The world is so lucky to have someone like her (and so is Finn).

Chelsea and Finn are part of a new film series I'm starting, tentatively called "A Girl and Her Dog." I'm looking for women of all ages, shapes, colors. My only stipulations are that you identify as female and have a dog. If you're interested in being a part of the project, please comment below or email me at kris10humbert@gmail.com!