Lotions and Potions

Hi, Hot Mess Humbert here. I'm by no means a beauty guru. But there are certain products that I keep coming back to. Thought it'd be nice to share some of these favorites.

(clockwise, starting left)

Smashbox Photo Finish ($36)
I have oily skin, so makeup slides right off my face within an hour. This sucker helps extend the life of my concealer til at least lunch.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Oil Free (Porcelain,$44) 
My everyday tinted moisturizer. I'm a big believer in daily SPF, and this guy's got 20. Plus, it evens out my skin tone in a way I took for granted until I ran out last week. At $44, it's not cheap, but you only need a little dollop each day. One tube tends to last me two to three months.

Naked Urban Decay Lip Gloss (Nooner, $20)
I feel like, if there's one thing I can claim to be an expert on, it's lip products. I've got a lot of surface area there, so any time my lips are chapped it's noticeable. A lot of lip stuff tends to leave my skin dryer than before I put it on. And glosses are often sticky. But this gloss from Urban Decay is moisturizing, smooth, and "Nooner" is almost the exact color of my natural lips. I slick it on last for a final bit of polish before I head out the door.

BECCA Beach Tint (Fig, $25)
If I don't add a little color to my face, I tend to look like a ghoul, so blush is a must. I really love gel blushes because they tend to provide a dewey, more natural, flush. This BECCA stain is light and buildable, so you can pile it on if you need to or just add a touch of tint. 

I tend to lean towards a more natural look. And I want to caveat all of this by mentioning that more and more (particularly on weekends) I wear very very little, if any, makeup at all. Whatever makes me feel like myself that day, that's what I choose. And that's how I feel the approach should be for everyone. Just do you, boo.