Tiny Living


A new favorite. The zip transport tote from Madewell.

At just under 500 square feet, our house is not made for stuff. We purge on a bi-weekly basis. The goal is to have more go out than what comes in. Old towels and blankets are delivered to PAWS. Barely worn clothes or clothes with recognizable labels go to Greene Street. What they won’t take gets hauled over to Philly Aids Thrift, along with any objects we can no longer use.

New purchases must be transient. Like food. Or items that can replace something worn or improve on something we already have. This is a lifestyle that I like. Less burdened by stuff. It’s interesting how freeing it becomes to have less. Not just in the gaining of space, but also in relinquishing of excess choice. I can be more creative when I know what I have: “What to wear today? What if I pair this favorite shirt with this favorite skirt? Or instead these favorite pants?” Less options, more possibilities.

And I seek out investments now. Certain items I know are worth the splurge: a great bag, a great pair of boots, pants that fit just right. I make concessions for the occasional items, but only spend so much knowing that they will survive just so many washes. Or are too on-trend to last past a season. I’m savvier now. Able to spend with meaning, and save more for what I really work to do (travel!).

So when this tote came in, an old purse went out. The hope is that it will keep me happy for years, and a replacement won’t be needed for a very long time.